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Not Any Easier Still Might Be Better Because...

This is not going to be easy. 

Now she knows I'm awake. 
I should record this.
Or just turn the music up.
Something I could tell her
That would blow her mind
Or her faith.
And then the cats would stay. 
But how quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother being good? 
When bad is here to play. 
How quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away

When home becomes a hindrance
And roots reveal decay.
Turn the other cheek I speak. 
But Blessings enfilade.

Well I'll go and tell 
her that she wasn't just.
Because I am the loss 
of a loss of all trust.

Screaming so much it 
breaks down the time. 
Stop trying to help 
I am up every 
damn time. 
Want to make sure that the cats-

You must've erased it already
United is the first time 
What she's ever sent me. 

But how quickly I forget. 
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother with life?
When if it's here to stay-
How quickly We'll forget. 
Nothing ever goes away

For Me, Ma bon vivant piquant!

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