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Ratings Rise for Radio Stations that have turned to a Classic Hip-Hop format/playlist

While radio stations have seen their audience decrease as tech-savvy consumers flock to satellite radio and streaming audio, broadcasters might have finally found a format that can lure listeners back to FM: Classic hip-hop. Playlists that shine the spotlight back on artists like the Notorious B.I.G., Naughty By Nature and Missy Elliott are currently sweeping the nation, with major broadcasters like Radio One, iHeartMedia and Cumulus Media frantically changing the format of under performing stations to the sounds of classic hip-hop, the New York Times reports.

The Times focuses on Houston's KROI, a struggling Radio One-owned all-news channel that briefly – as a stunt – adopted an all-Beyonce format. KROI was one of the first radio stations to pick up the classic hip-hop format, and over the course of two months, KROI – now dubbed Boom 92 – jumped from a 1.0 share to a 3.2 share, and their audience jumped from 245,000 to 802,000. As a result, Radio One is hatching Boom-branded stations everywhere from Houston and Dallas to Philadelphia.

Nowhere is the resurgence of classic hip-hop more evident than Atlanta, where the number of radio stations broadcasting that format ballooned from one to three over the course of a week in late-November. Old School 99.3 was the first to arrive; a week later Cumulus Media's OG 97.9 – first song played: Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice" – and, hours later, Radio One's Boom 102.9 were all spinning classic hip-hop in Atlanta.

"I went to work with one, I came back with three. Who's going to outlast who? I have the least overhead. I have the least amount of debt. It's crazy," Old School 99.3's Steve Hegwood told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month. "This format hits the sweet spot of 35- to 49-year-olds, which advertisers love."

However, there is evidence that the market is becoming too saturated with classic hip-hop. While all three Atlanta stations are still standing, one of the two classic hip-hop stations in Dallas changed formats to straight urban after two weeks, the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes. The New York Times adds that while the listener-ship of radio stations that switched to classic hip-hop nearly tripled in some markets, those numbers have steadily declined as the uniqueness of the format wore off or, in some case, the format was copied by another station.

Still, even with the slight decline, classic hip-hop stations are still outperforming their predecessors' format, so expect even more old school rap to flood the FM dial in 2015.



This is for the Golden Era heads such as myself:


Top 5 Emcees + 6-man

Clear all the madness ... let the record show ... this is SUPER SERIOUS persona-shaping doctrine of your TOP 5 EMCEES OF ALL TIME.

I've never officially stated my list on paper, in person, nor online, so let me just begin with my most notable exclusions ...

I'm not hearing this jive about Kanye West being in this exclusive group ... I'm not placing LL Cool J nor Big Daddy Kane in there neither ... and you can miss me wit dat Eminem or KRS-ONE belonging in there as well ... nuff respect due to them all, but they are all considered exceptions to me, and before I dive right in allow me to throw in one more HUGE exception that will really scratch the needle on the record: Notorious B.I.G. ... that's right Biggy comes up short, perhaps because I'm not from NY, perhaps it's due to his early demise, but at any rate I can't put him on.

Okay, okay, okay, let the commotion die-down ... HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO HERE WE GO, HERE HERE HERE GO:

5. Tupac (same early demise as Biggy, but more influential)
4. Ice Cube (Loved Chris Rock's point about him being Eazy-E too ... so much more I can say)
3. Jay-Z (I've done a road trip wit da homie, bumpin' nuttin but the Jiggaman as well @Rosario)
2. Nas (Miss Info said it best: 8:29 mark)
1. Rakim (Da God MC)

-and for my secret weapon 6th man off da bench: Andre 3000


2014. Still A Week Left To Break Those Resolutions Before 2015

Did you have a good year? Was it a very good year? Are you sad to see 2015 so sudden on the horizon? Ehhhh. Either way you can't stop time from keeping the present just out of reach. The future seems further away the older I get; It is the past which becomes more of me each year I sputter through. 2014 was a great year for Juicebox Thoughts. Not necessarily in a fiduciary sense, but 2014 was abundantly renumerative. Socially, sextually and soberly. The highlights? Our 1 year anniversary, T. Martin joining the team, the fact that CCGB? Studios posted something online almost every day for a year straight?
. is the website address now, So in good faith we shall endeavor 2 return more than 2014's surplus to you, our neighbors in our community. Are there any bums reading this note out there? It's Dollar bills Im giving when you ask for change next year, no more pennies or black dimes. (Well maybe just the first half of the year). And this offer goes for the downtown cray cray ladies, who somehow seem old but I just know are younger than me. So I got the bums and the cray crays...
Who u got?

Merry Christmas!!!


Concerned/curious about how much your favorite artists makes from streaming services?

Streaming services which allow you to listen to unlimited amounts of music for a monthly fee has risen in popularity in recent years, and while this service seems to be great for the consumer, it's seemingly not so great for the artist that produce the content.

Here is yet another example:

 Pharrell Made Just $2,700 Off 43 Million Pandora Plays of “Happy”


Too Lazy 2 Browse Target's Toy Aisles IRL? We Did It 4 You! Only 3 Days Left...

People- Christmas is here. Wait. Lets try that one again.
Christmas is Here! No? I guess For those of you who have finished shopping, Christmas might already be over. But I know there's a lot of us who have not even begun to shop yet. For us folks, Christmas is still in the hazy distant future of not today and probably not tomorrow either. I am here to help out my fellow time managementally challenged brethren by letting you know that Christmas is only four days away. So start shopping now.
     Ross dress for less stores might be open Christmas eve, but your mother might not want a fossil watch and a 16 month SI swimsuit calendar... At least mine didn't. You can start shopping now without even going to a store. Just watch this video. This video shows every single toy that is on sale at Target. Yep. You can Eye before you Buy!
     Nope. Sorry. This video does not in fact show every single toy. I had to take that one down because of P.E.T.A online petitions. Man those things pack a punch! So just watch and be content you didnt just waste a shopping day.


Actual Text of Statement Given 2 Trooper D. Gurule #3311 Colorado State patrol

Sleeping. A minute or two at a time. Mark. This guy hit somebody. Awake. Coat on. front door out. A silver hatchback is parked blocking our driveway. Drivers Door
 opens. a man with dark hair gets out. Italian maybe. Takes three steps. Sees me. And at once without any acknowledgement beyond eyes meeting he is back in the car. And it's all you can do to stare at the rectangle of pressed aluminum. it's white characters on green. 638 UAR 638 UAR. And then his car is gone again but not before you glimpse the passenger side front quarter panel. If what's left of it. Man he did a real smack. And then Still in Costco house shoes You  listen to the scrape of his tires drive away and walk the outer line of the front fence along the line of cars parked in front of your house and up the front door of your rather dory sort of spry 84 year old neighbor. As you reach her front door. You see it is open and  only the glass screen door is shut. Think about rapping but reach for the doorbell instead. And there she is. Hi you say. A guy hit one of your cars out front. Four cars parked out from two silver two redfish.   We'll find in she says. You apologize for the house shoes a dad don't ax you step inside you realizd how close to Christmas it really is. He'd entire house. Solved abs red. Four wine. Sitting around The dining tilm table. Someone's car has been Hit 84 says. The  murmurs at the table soon turn into realization. And questions. Which car?  I don't know. He left. I just came here straightaway with the license plate. You realize you've been saying it aloud this whole time. 638 UAR. And now you and 5 bible studiers walk back outside.   It's the first car. A white silver one. Joy for not much damage but Enough to pray over.  


Thug Kills White Prosecutor and Wife in Texas


Art By Sommer M.

Daddy likes Subway! He's carrying a $5 footlong home for dinner.


Blah blah blah blah blah blah - art by M $

Art from Detroit 8th grader Makayla $.

Detroit Week Takes Off. Literally.

And with that, we are off to Detroit. Over the next two weeks I will be using this forum to celebrate Detroit. A city in my heart that I will share with all of you. For the first glimpse of the Motor City itself just head on over to CCGB? Studios.


Thank U 4 Bng An F (thanksgiving week repost)

If you don't see the video click Here
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm taking a couple days off 4 a birthday so to everyone out there- Thank U 4 Bng An F


An Effort 2 Extend A Little Levity B4 Ferguson News Overwhelms

So sometime very soon we will learn of the Grand Jury's decision on whether of not to indict Officer Wilson. Whatever their decision, I thought it might be useful to sit back, take a deep breath or two and just smile at a video Google Plus 'created' for me. So Thanks Google Auto Awesome, I think I understand your Algorhythmic logic this time. Maybe.


Free Small Sour Green Apple Slurpee At 7/11

     That's right, just have your friendly 7-11 cashier scan this barcode on the photo below. It does say limited quantity so don't complain to me if it doesn't work. Go complain in person at a Target™ Store! That's right,  this holiday season we outsourced our ability to receive any negative feedback from our readers, to Target™ via Pissed Off Proxy Pals. Here's the Free Slurpee Code.
Have a great day! Let us know if the coupon works for you!

11/19/2014 An Open Invitation 2 Rocky Mountain Musicians, Bands, Hanger's On and Groupies.

Hey there Internet,
How's it hanging? 
Oh really? 
Freeze dried them off? 
I'm cool with just visualizing that scenario. No need to actually eyeball it. 
Well stay positive Internet, because I'm about to tell you about a new force for good when it comes to cultivating Colorado's most precious resource. 
What? No, not children...
And no! It's not weed either!
Dang Internet, I can't wait till you hit middle age I swear. I'm talking about Colorado's Musicians! Artists! As well as our native Bands, Club Owners, Promoters and Sound Engineers. Even Artist Representation and the music scene's multitude of Hanger On's!
Whoops! Did I say Hanger On's?
Sorry. I meant Interns... Just kidding!
If any Interns out there can read and if they somehow happen to see...
Ok ok, Much Love 2 all God's Interns interning it Out There in the Real World. You guys are much appreciated for reals. Just be thankful our editor killed the Groupie jokes and left the Intern ones in.
So last night I went to the very first meeting of this new force for good in Colorado, Band Together. You can move your mouse on over to the official
Band Together Colorado Website
for more details.
This is the organization that all y'all creatives are invited to scope out and join. Basically it costs only $5 to become an individual member for a year. There are all kinds of perks for joining Band Together- Way too many hours list herd but One Huge perk that perked me up after joining
Would be a free 3 song demo production from Vice Studios. But don't just take it from me, Band Together member since 11/18/14. Go check out the site, talk to some members and then Lay the $5 to get in. $5! C'mon local bands, how can you ever expect fans to pay $7-$10 to go see your band if you won't even spend $5 on yourselves?
In case that last bit guilted anybody into joining post haste just click here 4 new member signup page.
See Ya Later music skeeters,
Nuff said!

Special Thanks 2 the Murphys for being such scene stabilizing stalwarts as usual. Love you guys! Love Colorado Music Buzz Magazine too! One more thing...
If anyone a beef or complaint about Juicebox Thoughts we have gone ahead and registered Target™ as our 'Pissed off Proxy Pals' this holiday season so be sure to stop by Your Local Target Store with those complaints and fire away! (Metaphorically Speaking).


Now We See How Dirty Politricks Can Be... This One's Going 2 Take Some Time 2 Get Over.

Poor Maria Mendelsberg, Dang It! We sure enough believed a last minute Election Day Endorsement would put you over the top. Only 895 votes between you and 'Hurlin' Earl Hoellen too! Oh well, at least you still have that sweet Santana/Rob Thomas song still. You know, the one that goes- Maria Maria!🎶🎶 Something something Spanish Harlem!
That is a Super Sweet tune. Better Luck Next year.
Maria Maria! Sold a boy? in Spanish Harlem🎶🎶🎶🎶


2014 Juicebox Thoughts Election Day Endorsements

     On the first Tuesday in November of an even numbered year elections shall be held so Male White Landowners may vote... So says the Constitution. Or at least something close to that. So I now bring you our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements.
     Wait. First let me say this. If you don't feel like voting, don't vote. Don't feel pressured to vote. Yes, it is your civic duty, but if you did not bother to educate yourself about the issues or the candidates? Don't feel pressured to go in the voting booth and just push a bunch of random buttons. Just stay home and eat. Or follow the Juicebox Thoughts endorsements. Without further Doodoo...

     1. Cherry Hills Village, CO City Council- admittedly less than .00001% of you out there will have the opportunity to vote in this contest. But nonetheless Juicebox Thoughts Wholeheartedly endorses Maria Mendelsberg.   @Maria_4_CHV
Why? Because she follows us on Twitter. Shrewd move Ms. Mendelsberg. Very shrewd move.

     Alright. That's it. Thank you for taking the time to read over our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements and go out and vote for Maria! And if you don't live in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado don't feel pressured to vote!



Happy Halloween People! Check Out This App!

Enjoy it, have safety, be fun. All those usual platitudes apply. But here's something different. My Content Skeeting house Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios has an app now. So if you like what you see over at CCGB? Studios, Click on the link below or scan the QR code to get the app.

Click here for the app, or just more info.


The Day I Rescued A Kittycat Named Oprah

Yes, I did indeed, rescue the poor kitty from way up in the tree...


I Had A Great Saturday! Thx 2 Stoney's Pub, #DenverUrbanAvengers, and Chris & Andrea from ADRE Productions!

     Why don't ipads have Tab buttons? Because Steve Jobs preferred Diet-Rite!
Ok go easy on me I just made that one up and it's Tuesday afternoon as I write this so I am late late late in getting a post out. I know whose fault it is too. Google Plus. Well, a little birdie told me that Google Neutral might be getting ready to say 'Goodbye Google Plus...'  So we have that to look forward to... The Sunsetting of Google Plus. Wow. Maybe I just made that one up too? 

So, I  just have a few links for y'all to checkout- 
These are all connected with the #DenverUrbanAvengers race I helped out with on Saturday. We Raised money to #Eff CF (fight cystic fibrosis) I just think saying or shouting Eff CF! is so much more declarative against this deadly disease. Also I refuse to capitalize cystic fibrosis. Do either of these things really help? Maybe not, but clicking on cystic fibrosis Foundation's Colorado Chapter Donation Page. and chopping them off will definitely help. 

Next up is Colorado Music Buzz. This print/online magazine is the Bible for all things Music
In the Rocky Mountain West. From the heads of Record Labels to the Twisters of Knobs, there is something music for everyone inside their pages. Chris Murphy runs the show over there and I had the pleasure of working with him on Saturday. Just an all around great guy to have in your corner.
And Check this out local bands! Chris told me that Colorado Music Buzz is offering local bands a 1/4 page ad in the mag for  just $35. That is what I call a great opportunity to get some eyeballs on your Pieholes for cheap! I'm buying one for Tung & Gruv fa sho!
If you want to that 1/4 page ad for $35, email Chris Murphy and tell him Thank You 4 doing his part to help your band.
Ok here's a couple pix from the race
One of me?


And Now For Some Overdue Praise...

Hi folks, Mark here.
Some of you may have noticed the name of Thomas Martin floating around a lot of the posts lately. I have been remiss in not making a more public display of gratitude to Mr. Martin for all of his wonderful contributions to Juicebox Thoughts. Alright enough of the flowery talk.
No, he deserves to hear it. 😺
Thomas has been nothing less then a godsend to Juicebox Thoughts. His perspective is unique and frankly underrepresented in today's Internet culture. He is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I, and by extension all of you, are lucky to experience any part of his worldview. He is constantly showing me new facets of the culture. Music, books, sports, cuisine, politics, fashion... I trust his instincts without question and his judgement resolutely. So, if you get a chance, drop him a line! Ask him anything really.
Now is the time that I should be posting a picture of him but I didn't ask his permission first. Maybe next week.

Thanks T!
Welcome Aboard!

Marvel at Some Marvelous Art Against Cystic Fibrosis We Don't Purport 2 Own

Join us this Saturday! Come say Hi and help fight Cystic Fibrosis too!


Georgia Loses 40,000+ Voter Registration Applications From Black & Latino People

Check Out Deidra Trotter's Beautiful Guitar Playing: JUST MESSING AROUND: PRETTY CHORDS [2014] JAM SESSION

Her name is Deidra Trotter and she is from somewhere down south. Lazy research on my part I know. Although for those of us born in Michigan like, nearly everywhere south of the northern state line of Ohio is 'down South'. I first was made aware of her on Google Plus of all places, and I'm darn glad to share her music here with you. She has a wonderful tone and innate sense of profound phrasing all her own. Oh yeah, if you like her playing let her know! And find out where she's from willya? 😜😜

Deidra Trotter's YouTube Channel


Dissed- a lightbulb martin poem + lyrics 2 Tung & Gruv song from yesterday

Lightbulb Martin
Lightbulb Martin
Jul 19      

A List. 
The Gist of which 
U Missed. 
On a Tryst. 
While we Kissed 
You fled Bliss 
And for This 
I am Pissed. 


10/14/2014 Co-opts Captain Kirk?

May the force be with you ..
If anyone out there is wondering, check out to learn more about the latest Anti-Facebook social network to hit the scene...


Fwd: 1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣, You are Hot!

So a friend of mine received this actual email from okcupid a few weeks back. Apparently okcupid thought he was an ugly dude. Why do I say that? Well if you read the email it implies that he was only being shown unattractive people as potential partners. That is until the users of okcupid, the female users rose up and declared my friend as one of  'the most attractive people on OkCupid'. The worst Sentence in the email from OkCupid? Is highlighted in blue. 'You'll now see more attractive people in your match results.'
Wow.... I really wish I could post a picture so you could see what my buddy 1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣ looks like. But I promised. So people! Be wary of online dating services. It appears OkCupid is unscrupulous at best in dealing with matchmaking.
Enjoy the email!
From: OkCupid!   
Date: September 20, 2014 at 7:27:28 PM MDT
To: 1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣
Subject: 1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣, You are Hot!

MDStenger, You are Hot!
Hey 1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣,

We just detected that you're now among the most attractive people on OkCupid.

We learned this from clicks to your profile and reactions to you in Quickmatch. Did you get a new haircut or something?
Well, it's working!

To celebrate, we've adjusted your OkCupid experience:

You'll now see more attractive people in your match results.

This won't affect your match percentages, which are still based purely on your answers and desired match's answers. But we'll recommend more attractive people to you. You'll also appear more often to other attractive people.

Sign in to see your newly-shuffled matches. Have fun, and don't let this go to your head.

OkCupid © 2014 Humor Rainbow, Inc. 555 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011


Gene Mingo and Me.


Yessed Ear- A Poem by Lightbulb Martin

Lightbulb Martin
Lightbulb Martin
Jul 28      Jul 28
Ditch ewe sea Mai poem?
Eye sore year phlegm on yootoob!
Knot of ill my mean,
Ice awe yore fitty oh on yewtwoob!
No won you sis Phil mini moor...

Aisle Ike did the Bell eve id Dio.
Butt wear wuss aye at?
Cuss ein owe fur sheer.
God Knowed out debt
Hugh phlegmed me giddy
Nth arc are!

Watt Chew say a bow to that?
Whole Don.
Dead Yew sin sir writ?
Sense err meow tough fit?
High share open aught!

Bay bee!
Aye muss tar!!!


Higher Ground Music Fest 2014 Videos

Here is a playlist of videos shot at the 2014 Higher Ground Music Festival in Denver Colorado. Six stages, 40+ bands, it was a great day for music in the mile high city!


Here's the trailer 4 the new Cobain movie 'Love killed Kurt'

Here is the trailer for the new Nirvana movie...

it purports to explain Why Kurt Died...

but we already know.

Love killed Kurt Cobain. 
kurt Cobain was killed by Love.


TinyMeetBig: Examining the Minutiae & the Massive.

Ok just did a 'Reno' rebranding/revamping over at
Our tired out tumblr
TinyMeetBig is the Tag 2 sho nuff swag!
TinyMeetBig is the alkaline Al Kaline!
Send some Sugar-cubes if you think it sucks...
So Bookmark
The All New TinyMeetBig Tumblr!

So Buster's A Top Right? Right? His name is Buster! Finally We'll Find Out Because...Dave & Buster's™ is Going Public. You're Invited.

When was the last time you spent some of your time with Dave & Buster? Or some of YOUR money? How about the last time you willingly, and not for some corporate team building event, the last time you willingly went to spend either your Time or your Money at Dave & Buster's™? Really? Wait. Was that with someone younger than 16? That doesn't count. What's wrong with you? Don't you like to Eat, Drink, Play and Watch™? Why aren't you more awestruck you have Dave & Buster's™ nearby? Would it kill you to stop in for lunch just once of your own volition? Sans Coupon? What is a place so fantastically Fun Filled forced to do?
     Well two years ago D & B's™ moved to manufacture a massive meshuggeneh modernization. A robust physical remodeling of each bar and restaurant. From the form and fashion of all the lighting fixtures to the fixed type font on the matchbooks and menus. New food! New attitude! Some Sizzle? Also a rigorous Rebranding. No a renaissance. A raucous rebuke of their Boring 'Big Box' birthright. Dave & Buster's™ revamp revealed D&B's™ to be a bona fide nightspot! A de facto destination for city scenesters and social media sycophants. Tweet @DaveAndBusters with #D&B Please! Sophisticated, Smooth and Suave, and Sportsier! Sportsier? (The remods included adding a sports bar to some locations.) In my mind it all worked. Dave was now hip & Buster became edgy. Indeed, D&B's™ was suddenly the coolest, hippest, edgiest place in play skeeball with your nieces on a Tuesday.
     But hey you, you too rational, utterly unable to have real unironic fun. You fuddy duddy. Dave & Buster's™ has proposed a new scheme to get you to spend your money with them. And you don't even have to come in for lunch! Ok. I will let the right honorable Steve King take over from here. Please give him your utmost attention and I'll be back after he says his piece. 

From: "Dave & Buster's Rewards" <>
Date: September 29, 2014 at 3:47:58 PM MDT
To: <product626_98@yah
Subject: Dave & Buster's is Going Public. You're Invited.
Reply-To: "Dave & Buster's Rewards" <>

To Rewards Members,

Dave & Buster's is going public. Our mission is to be the best and most fun place in the world for you, your friends and your family to Eat, Drink, Play and Watch.

We realize that you - our Rewards Members - have played a major part in our past success, and now we would like to give you the opportunity to own a part of our future.

It is in this spirit that we are providing you access to our IPO stock at the same price, and at the same time, as Wall Street. At our request, the underwriters have reserved 2.5% of the common stock to be sold by Dave & Buster's in the IPO, to be offered through LOYAL3, at the initial public offering price.

The LOYAL3 Social IPO Platform™ is designed to democratize IPO participation, making it easy for large numbers of people to purchase shares in our IPO at the same price, and at the same time, as institutions and other large investors. There are limited shares available through the LOYAL3 Platform. LOYAL3 Platform participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individuals can elect to purchase shares in our IPO through LOYAL3 in amounts ranging from $100-$2,500, with no transaction fees. Should you choose to forward this email, you must do so without changes, in precisely this form (only by email, so hyperlink to the prospectus is active, and only to US residents).

For more information, or to view a preliminary prospectus and to enroll, click: Dave & Buster's IPO through the LOYAL3 Platform.

One of our core values has always been that "everybody is somebody," that each person matters. If it were not for you, our Rewards Members, we would not be the success we are today, and not a day goes by when we don't appreciate that.

Thank you,

Steve King
Dave & Buster's

Questions and want to speak to someone from LOYAL3?
Phone: 855-256-9253

Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc., (the "Company") has filed a registration statement (including a preliminary prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus in that registration statement and other documents the Company has filed with the SEC for more complete information about the Company and this offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC web site at Alternatively, a copy of the preliminary prospectus may be obtained by visiting or by requesting a copy from LOYAL3 Securities, Inc. by calling toll-free 1-855-256-9253 or emailing U.S. residents only.

LOYAL3 Securities, Inc., a US-registered broker-dealer, is acting as a co-manager in the Dave & Buster's IPO.

Connect with us
Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram

Dave & Buster's Rewards
2481 Manana Dr., Dallas, TX 75220

Manage Subscription    Unsubscribe    Privacy Policy

     Yes, now you too can own Dave. Or Buster. Now you can own more than just a D&B emblazoned plastic powercard used to play video games. Which technically you never really owned before. (Powercards are the sole possession of Dave & Buster's™ and must be surrendered at the request...) Now you can use that powercard to purchase credits! To play video games with... 
     Yeah I'm really not trying to slag Dave & Buster's™. I love Dave &... Ok ok I can't lie so laconically. But I wouldn't write an entire epistle just to influence a favorable fiduciary outcome for me and my financial flunkies. That wouldn't be fair would it? For me to talk down a company, in an attempt to ensure an artificially low opening price so I would benefit? Nope. Not fair. So believe me that I believe everything I wrote about Dave &/or Buster. AND I'm going to invest. How much? Much more than the minimum $100 yes but lots less than the maximum $2500. So buy! 
Buy Buy Birdie!!!,,!,,!,,!


The Atlantic: The Case for Reparations

The link below is to a very beautiful, very necessary work of art created by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Every American should Read it

"Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole."


Herb & Stacy's First Dance (vocals by Laura Chirinos)

I just love this video because of many reasons, but foremost is the Happy Couple's kiss at the end...


Avengers 2: Age of Ultron to Introduce Hercules Through Epic Battle Scene With Hulk?

iOS 8 Is A Buggy POS, Crashes 78% More Than iOS 7

Batman v Superman: Iconic Battle Scene, Robin's Role and Other Key Plot Details Discussed

Forbes Releases Latest Hip-Hop Cash Kings List

It's interesting that a newcomer to the list: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, are in the Top 5 so fast ... ahead of seemingly successful artists that have been putting in work for quite a number of years: Kanye, Pitbull, Rick Ross.

It's good, and surprising to see an underground, hard-working artist such as Tech N9ne make the list as well.

Does Nike view Hope Solo's Domestic Violence case differently?

Art from Mel!




Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios: Zoomer Dog & Friends! Electronic Toy Excitement

We've had a great response to these Zoomer dog Boomvies! Of course we had to make 'em a little weird... Enjoy!


Somehow I Don't Even Have A Copy of This Song

Yeah, opt into copying. Always. Hearing this version of this song makes me smile and cringe. I smile because it sounds good but I cringe because I don't have a copy of it.
What in Sam Hill is he talking about? Click for video