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Aww Hell! A Mr. Dr. Video

Aw Hell!
If you were on fire I would not come
I would not walk jump skip or run 
to you. 
I would just let you burn and warm yourself inside. With us on the 
outs still fine. 
If you were drowning I would 
go back in time and kill the 
man who invented rope so there'd 
be none for you. 
That's what I'd do. 
So please please do not 
contact me. 
Consider me beyond the grave and there's no psychics. 
Actually consider me never to 
have existed at all. 
Not in your memories not 
even in a blade of grass 
that's been stepped on.


Me Not Drinking is A Bird Not Flying

This is just me talkin to me. So please take it for what it's worth. One ad click.


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