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And Now Here's A Report From Our Latvian Correspondent.

     Marcus you're in our sis and a narcissist sis sis t and you come to my car like a carhartt wanting carls junior But carl doesn't want you to want his junior He's not a john return And that is very wrong yep to figure 1 + 1 is 2 and 2 + 13 so 3 + 1 is for and 8:15PM, June 2, 2014 4 is hey ryan because three's a party no 3 the crowd to the party once a long time And call of me wants call love you allah love you hola v u don't forget that busy you is you you I do h 2 or 22 Goody goody 2 shoes got mushroom in its coo coo he said fred come give me head and its now 711 said it is now 7 that's what 11 said verbatim for both of them gratuitous protest great great discrete dumbass talk text text talk text your rodeo ass the moonwalk


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