Translate Juicebox Thoughts


This photo was on my fridge for 7 years, 3 moves, and 4 girlfriends.

I think I stopped really seeing this snapshot about 6 months after I had stuck it up on the refridge.  But when I came across it in a box the other day it totally hit me unawares. At first I was visually befuddled, confronting the Twin Towers laying casually in a shoebox. It felt disrespectful finding them there, like I just tossed them aside someways back. I set the picture on my dresser and continued at sorting shoebox detritus. But for the rest of the day I couldn't get World Trade Center images out of my head unless I went and stared at this photograph for awhile.
It's 13 years later.
It's still Love.
I think. 

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