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Exclusive First Listen! Shhhhhh...

Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead... Oh wait. I mean don't tell mom that those bodacious blasphemers -AKA Tung & Gruv- are back at it. Take a listen!


Matt Bassano Wins the Innernube Today! Me? Im zesty.

Ah yes, i am very very zesty. I am very zesty indeed. Gruv, the beats brains of Tung & Gruv, My Part nerd and Part nurse,(well he is marrying a Doctor!).Mr. M. Bassano  was chosen to be featured in one of those Chica Missed Calls Make Content thingies over at corporate (read: Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios). and so now  i'm supposed to freemote. freemote for our red headed, corporeal, corporate I mean, Bassano video. And it is
My pleasure y'all! Cuz this boy is good!


Can You Believe This Song is 20 years old!?!!?

Is anybody curious about the 1990's yet? Or did 90's nostalgia subsume itself to the weight of carrying a grunge all these years? Here is my favorite rap song ever. From the 1994 movie soundtrack of 'Above The Rim' I present you....
Wait what?
Big Limpin?  Did we get Rickrolled?

Big Limpin' from Mr. Dr. on Vimeo.

Not Any Easier Still Might Be Better Because...

This is not going to be easy. 

Now she knows I'm awake. 
I should record this.
Or just turn the music up.
Something I could tell her
That would blow her mind
Or her faith.
And then the cats would stay. 
But how quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother being good? 
When bad is here to play. 
How quickly I forget
Nothing ever goes away

When home becomes a hindrance
And roots reveal decay.
Turn the other cheek I speak. 
But Blessings enfilade.

Well I'll go and tell 
her that she wasn't just.
Because I am the loss 
of a loss of all trust.

Screaming so much it 
breaks down the time. 
Stop trying to help 
I am up every 
damn time. 
Want to make sure that the cats-

You must've erased it already
United is the first time 
What she's ever sent me. 

But how quickly I forget. 
Nothing ever goes away.

Why bother with life?
When if it's here to stay-
How quickly We'll forget. 
Nothing ever goes away

For Me, Ma bon vivant piquant!


Sometimes It Snows In April.

It is April in Minneapolis. The sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. The temperature is 5 degrees fahrenheit. It is freezing. Its like the sun has reversed its natural function and is now sucking the heat from the earth instead of providing it. Its bright out. All the brighter to see your breath as it leaves your mouth and lungs and instantly frosts in the frigid air. Please Lord, you say, get me the heck out of Minnesota in April!  I cant even begin to imagine what January is like here!

And now please enjoy our Minneapolis Royalty Hisself's song 'Sometimes It Snows In April'.



A List.
 The Gist of which
 U Missed
On a Tryst.
 While we Kissed
 You fled Bliss
 And for This
 I am Pissed.


I Love @Lyft. Easy and True.

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Have I mentioned the Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios FB page?

No? Well here's a post from it.