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A Shot In The Dark For Lightt.

First, a little background. I love shooting and making videos with my Apple devices. When crafting these short films I use several different apps, oftentimes on a single video,  to produce the haphazard equanimity in virtue they possess. Last week I downloaded the iOS app Lightt for the first time. After using it for only a matter of hours I realized how truly groundbreaking of a video editing and creation app it was. Then the next morning an update for Lightt came out and destroyed 75% of what made Lightt great. Gone was the ability to switch between visual fx or filters on the fly. Other aspects of the app were severely watered down. Confused, saddened, and underslept, I tried emailing Lightt to figure out what had happened but the response I got was so simplistic I began to wonder if I had really used such an amazing app at all. In a last ditch effort to understand what was going on, I decided to email Lightt's CEO. Here is the email.
From: Chica Chica Go Boom? Studios <>
Date: July 31, 2014 at 3:04:35 AM MDT
To: "alex@.     .com" <alex@.     .com>
Subject: Alex, please help a lover of Lightt regain the faith

Hi Alex,
I just started using Lightt a few days ago. I was falling in love with it. I thought what made your app unique was several different features, but Lightt possessed two new abilities heretofore unseen by me. The ability to switch between filters and between fx live while recording was something I had never done before. Once I realized this capability my mind was instantly inundated with a myriad of possible uses. The second feature I loved was the ability to manipulate the strength and quality of the fx while recording. The two sliders on the left while in landscape capture.  Lightt was the Rosetta Stone of iOS video apps for me. It made videography as improvisational as playing a solo in a jazz combo.
Now I can play the iPod camera like a trumpet?  Choosing different timbres or fx as I shoot? Or different filters on each at the same time? I was ready to walk the earth proclaiming Lightt as the new King of the iOS camera apps.
Alas, I updated Lightt the next morning. I Saw something about 'simpler capture' but didn't really comprehend and just tapped update...
To me, I only got to play on the Stradivarius violin for one day. Or  Imagine if immediately following Christmas morning was April 15. I realize I may seem a bit too involved, but this is my livelihood, one of my passions, and I will gladly pay for the older version 3.5.1. Is there anything you can do?
Thank you very much,
M Stenger

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