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Aisle Of Lane Quit Jah

Aisle Of Lane Quit Jah

What foes or friends do we perceive when we connect by chance conceived?

Would you care to explain how this is my fault?

Pray tell tis Joseph come to his census. 
Come nigh so late to what truth evinces. 

Four hee own Lay won knot thin kit sew. 
Prays got a buff!
Fine uh Lee…

Coarse sit duhs pour ten dove baa doe mens. 
Naughty ville purse say oar eve end dark. 

Shell Ira Bjorn ease? Orb headers till yore effete? 

Ike ant aft tub Abe eave oar yew. 

Wall owe win knit.
Gore Ida head. 

Yuck use amoeba tit is hint umm eye fall tis zit?
Yuck cues amoeba ditz nada tall mite urn toot ache tub lame. 

Bub I..
Hope Joe Ill step pup two wit all

I really trill lee dew. 

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