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And Now For Some Overdue Praise...

Hi folks, Mark here.
Some of you may have noticed the name of Thomas Martin floating around a lot of the posts lately. I have been remiss in not making a more public display of gratitude to Mr. Martin for all of his wonderful contributions to Juicebox Thoughts. Alright enough of the flowery talk.
No, he deserves to hear it. 😺
Thomas has been nothing less then a godsend to Juicebox Thoughts. His perspective is unique and frankly underrepresented in today's Internet culture. He is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I, and by extension all of you, are lucky to experience any part of his worldview. He is constantly showing me new facets of the culture. Music, books, sports, cuisine, politics, fashion... I trust his instincts without question and his judgement resolutely. So, if you get a chance, drop him a line! Ask him anything really.
Now is the time that I should be posting a picture of him but I didn't ask his permission first. Maybe next week.

Thanks T!
Welcome Aboard!

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