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I Had A Great Saturday! Thx 2 Stoney's Pub, #DenverUrbanAvengers, and Chris & Andrea from ADRE Productions!

     Why don't ipads have Tab buttons? Because Steve Jobs preferred Diet-Rite!
Ok go easy on me I just made that one up and it's Tuesday afternoon as I write this so I am late late late in getting a post out. I know whose fault it is too. Google Plus. Well, a little birdie told me that Google Neutral might be getting ready to say 'Goodbye Google Plus...'  So we have that to look forward to... The Sunsetting of Google Plus. Wow. Maybe I just made that one up too? 

So, I  just have a few links for y'all to checkout- 
These are all connected with the #DenverUrbanAvengers race I helped out with on Saturday. We Raised money to #Eff CF (fight cystic fibrosis) I just think saying or shouting Eff CF! is so much more declarative against this deadly disease. Also I refuse to capitalize cystic fibrosis. Do either of these things really help? Maybe not, but clicking on cystic fibrosis Foundation's Colorado Chapter Donation Page. and chopping them off will definitely help. 

Next up is Colorado Music Buzz. This print/online magazine is the Bible for all things Music
In the Rocky Mountain West. From the heads of Record Labels to the Twisters of Knobs, there is something music for everyone inside their pages. Chris Murphy runs the show over there and I had the pleasure of working with him on Saturday. Just an all around great guy to have in your corner.
And Check this out local bands! Chris told me that Colorado Music Buzz is offering local bands a 1/4 page ad in the mag for  just $35. That is what I call a great opportunity to get some eyeballs on your Pieholes for cheap! I'm buying one for Tung & Gruv fa sho!
If you want to that 1/4 page ad for $35, email Chris Murphy and tell him Thank You 4 doing his part to help your band.
Ok here's a couple pix from the race
One of me?

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