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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank U 4 Bng An F (thanksgiving week repost)

If you don't see the video click Here
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm taking a couple days off 4 a birthday so to everyone out there- Thank U 4 Bng An F


An Effort 2 Extend A Little Levity B4 Ferguson News Overwhelms

So sometime very soon we will learn of the Grand Jury's decision on whether of not to indict Officer Wilson. Whatever their decision, I thought it might be useful to sit back, take a deep breath or two and just smile at a video Google Plus 'created' for me. So Thanks Google Auto Awesome, I think I understand your Algorhythmic logic this time. Maybe.


Free Small Sour Green Apple Slurpee At 7/11

     That's right, just have your friendly 7-11 cashier scan this barcode on the photo below. It does say limited quantity so don't complain to me if it doesn't work. Go complain in person at a Target™ Store! That's right,  this holiday season we outsourced our ability to receive any negative feedback from our readers, to Target™ via Pissed Off Proxy Pals. Here's the Free Slurpee Code.
Have a great day! Let us know if the coupon works for you!

11/19/2014 An Open Invitation 2 Rocky Mountain Musicians, Bands, Hanger's On and Groupies.

Hey there Internet,
How's it hanging? 
Oh really? 
Freeze dried them off? 
I'm cool with just visualizing that scenario. No need to actually eyeball it. 
Well stay positive Internet, because I'm about to tell you about a new force for good when it comes to cultivating Colorado's most precious resource. 
What? No, not children...
And no! It's not weed either!
Dang Internet, I can't wait till you hit middle age I swear. I'm talking about Colorado's Musicians! Artists! As well as our native Bands, Club Owners, Promoters and Sound Engineers. Even Artist Representation and the music scene's multitude of Hanger On's!
Whoops! Did I say Hanger On's?
Sorry. I meant Interns... Just kidding!
If any Interns out there can read and if they somehow happen to see...
Ok ok, Much Love 2 all God's Interns interning it Out There in the Real World. You guys are much appreciated for reals. Just be thankful our editor killed the Groupie jokes and left the Intern ones in.
So last night I went to the very first meeting of this new force for good in Colorado, Band Together. You can move your mouse on over to the official
Band Together Colorado Website
for more details.
This is the organization that all y'all creatives are invited to scope out and join. Basically it costs only $5 to become an individual member for a year. There are all kinds of perks for joining Band Together- Way too many hours list herd but One Huge perk that perked me up after joining
Would be a free 3 song demo production from Vice Studios. But don't just take it from me, Band Together member since 11/18/14. Go check out the site, talk to some members and then Lay the $5 to get in. $5! C'mon local bands, how can you ever expect fans to pay $7-$10 to go see your band if you won't even spend $5 on yourselves?
In case that last bit guilted anybody into joining post haste just click here 4 new member signup page.
See Ya Later music skeeters,
Nuff said!

Special Thanks 2 the Murphys for being such scene stabilizing stalwarts as usual. Love you guys! Love Colorado Music Buzz Magazine too! One more thing...
If anyone a beef or complaint about Juicebox Thoughts we have gone ahead and registered Target™ as our 'Pissed off Proxy Pals' this holiday season so be sure to stop by Your Local Target Store with those complaints and fire away! (Metaphorically Speaking).


Now We See How Dirty Politricks Can Be... This One's Going 2 Take Some Time 2 Get Over.

Poor Maria Mendelsberg, Dang It! We sure enough believed a last minute Election Day Endorsement would put you over the top. Only 895 votes between you and 'Hurlin' Earl Hoellen too! Oh well, at least you still have that sweet Santana/Rob Thomas song still. You know, the one that goes- Maria Maria!🎶🎶 Something something Spanish Harlem!
That is a Super Sweet tune. Better Luck Next year.
Maria Maria! Sold a boy? in Spanish Harlem🎶🎶🎶🎶


2014 Juicebox Thoughts Election Day Endorsements

     On the first Tuesday in November of an even numbered year elections shall be held so Male White Landowners may vote... So says the Constitution. Or at least something close to that. So I now bring you our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements.
     Wait. First let me say this. If you don't feel like voting, don't vote. Don't feel pressured to vote. Yes, it is your civic duty, but if you did not bother to educate yourself about the issues or the candidates? Don't feel pressured to go in the voting booth and just push a bunch of random buttons. Just stay home and eat. Or follow the Juicebox Thoughts endorsements. Without further Doodoo...

     1. Cherry Hills Village, CO City Council- admittedly less than .00001% of you out there will have the opportunity to vote in this contest. But nonetheless Juicebox Thoughts Wholeheartedly endorses Maria Mendelsberg.   @Maria_4_CHV
Why? Because she follows us on Twitter. Shrewd move Ms. Mendelsberg. Very shrewd move.

     Alright. That's it. Thank you for taking the time to read over our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements and go out and vote for Maria! And if you don't live in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado don't feel pressured to vote!