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2014 Juicebox Thoughts Election Day Endorsements

     On the first Tuesday in November of an even numbered year elections shall be held so Male White Landowners may vote... So says the Constitution. Or at least something close to that. So I now bring you our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements.
     Wait. First let me say this. If you don't feel like voting, don't vote. Don't feel pressured to vote. Yes, it is your civic duty, but if you did not bother to educate yourself about the issues or the candidates? Don't feel pressured to go in the voting booth and just push a bunch of random buttons. Just stay home and eat. Or follow the Juicebox Thoughts endorsements. Without further Doodoo...

     1. Cherry Hills Village, CO City Council- admittedly less than .00001% of you out there will have the opportunity to vote in this contest. But nonetheless Juicebox Thoughts Wholeheartedly endorses Maria Mendelsberg.   @Maria_4_CHV
Why? Because she follows us on Twitter. Shrewd move Ms. Mendelsberg. Very shrewd move.

     Alright. That's it. Thank you for taking the time to read over our first ever Juicebox Thoughts Election Day endorsements and go out and vote for Maria! And if you don't live in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado don't feel pressured to vote!


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