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Ratings Rise for Radio Stations that have turned to a Classic Hip-Hop format/playlist

While radio stations have seen their audience decrease as tech-savvy consumers flock to satellite radio and streaming audio, broadcasters might have finally found a format that can lure listeners back to FM: Classic hip-hop. Playlists that shine the spotlight back on artists like the Notorious B.I.G., Naughty By Nature and Missy Elliott are currently sweeping the nation, with major broadcasters like Radio One, iHeartMedia and Cumulus Media frantically changing the format of under performing stations to the sounds of classic hip-hop, the New York Times reports.

The Times focuses on Houston's KROI, a struggling Radio One-owned all-news channel that briefly – as a stunt – adopted an all-Beyonce format. KROI was one of the first radio stations to pick up the classic hip-hop format, and over the course of two months, KROI – now dubbed Boom 92 – jumped from a 1.0 share to a 3.2 share, and their audience jumped from 245,000 to 802,000. As a result, Radio One is hatching Boom-branded stations everywhere from Houston and Dallas to Philadelphia.

Nowhere is the resurgence of classic hip-hop more evident than Atlanta, where the number of radio stations broadcasting that format ballooned from one to three over the course of a week in late-November. Old School 99.3 was the first to arrive; a week later Cumulus Media's OG 97.9 – first song played: Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice" – and, hours later, Radio One's Boom 102.9 were all spinning classic hip-hop in Atlanta.

"I went to work with one, I came back with three. Who's going to outlast who? I have the least overhead. I have the least amount of debt. It's crazy," Old School 99.3's Steve Hegwood told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month. "This format hits the sweet spot of 35- to 49-year-olds, which advertisers love."

However, there is evidence that the market is becoming too saturated with classic hip-hop. While all three Atlanta stations are still standing, one of the two classic hip-hop stations in Dallas changed formats to straight urban after two weeks, the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes. The New York Times adds that while the listener-ship of radio stations that switched to classic hip-hop nearly tripled in some markets, those numbers have steadily declined as the uniqueness of the format wore off or, in some case, the format was copied by another station.

Still, even with the slight decline, classic hip-hop stations are still outperforming their predecessors' format, so expect even more old school rap to flood the FM dial in 2015.



This is for the Golden Era heads such as myself:


Top 5 Emcees + 6-man

Clear all the madness ... let the record show ... this is SUPER SERIOUS persona-shaping doctrine of your TOP 5 EMCEES OF ALL TIME.

I've never officially stated my list on paper, in person, nor online, so let me just begin with my most notable exclusions ...

I'm not hearing this jive about Kanye West being in this exclusive group ... I'm not placing LL Cool J nor Big Daddy Kane in there neither ... and you can miss me wit dat Eminem or KRS-ONE belonging in there as well ... nuff respect due to them all, but they are all considered exceptions to me, and before I dive right in allow me to throw in one more HUGE exception that will really scratch the needle on the record: Notorious B.I.G. ... that's right Biggy comes up short, perhaps because I'm not from NY, perhaps it's due to his early demise, but at any rate I can't put him on.

Okay, okay, okay, let the commotion die-down ... HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO HERE WE GO, HERE HERE HERE GO:

5. Tupac (same early demise as Biggy, but more influential)
4. Ice Cube (Loved Chris Rock's point about him being Eazy-E too ... so much more I can say)
3. Jay-Z (I've done a road trip wit da homie, bumpin' nuttin but the Jiggaman as well @Rosario)
2. Nas (Miss Info said it best: 8:29 mark)
1. Rakim (Da God MC)

-and for my secret weapon 6th man off da bench: Andre 3000


2014. Still A Week Left To Break Those Resolutions Before 2015

Did you have a good year? Was it a very good year? Are you sad to see 2015 so sudden on the horizon? Ehhhh. Either way you can't stop time from keeping the present just out of reach. The future seems further away the older I get; It is the past which becomes more of me each year I sputter through. 2014 was a great year for Juicebox Thoughts. Not necessarily in a fiduciary sense, but 2014 was abundantly renumerative. Socially, sextually and soberly. The highlights? Our 1 year anniversary, T. Martin joining the team, the fact that CCGB? Studios posted something online almost every day for a year straight?
. is the website address now, So in good faith we shall endeavor 2 return more than 2014's surplus to you, our neighbors in our community. Are there any bums reading this note out there? It's Dollar bills Im giving when you ask for change next year, no more pennies or black dimes. (Well maybe just the first half of the year). And this offer goes for the downtown cray cray ladies, who somehow seem old but I just know are younger than me. So I got the bums and the cray crays...
Who u got?

Merry Christmas!!!


Concerned/curious about how much your favorite artists makes from streaming services?

Streaming services which allow you to listen to unlimited amounts of music for a monthly fee has risen in popularity in recent years, and while this service seems to be great for the consumer, it's seemingly not so great for the artist that produce the content.

Here is yet another example:

 Pharrell Made Just $2,700 Off 43 Million Pandora Plays of “Happy”


Too Lazy 2 Browse Target's Toy Aisles IRL? We Did It 4 You! Only 3 Days Left...

People- Christmas is here. Wait. Lets try that one again.
Christmas is Here! No? I guess For those of you who have finished shopping, Christmas might already be over. But I know there's a lot of us who have not even begun to shop yet. For us folks, Christmas is still in the hazy distant future of not today and probably not tomorrow either. I am here to help out my fellow time managementally challenged brethren by letting you know that Christmas is only four days away. So start shopping now.
     Ross dress for less stores might be open Christmas eve, but your mother might not want a fossil watch and a 16 month SI swimsuit calendar... At least mine didn't. You can start shopping now without even going to a store. Just watch this video. This video shows every single toy that is on sale at Target. Yep. You can Eye before you Buy!
     Nope. Sorry. This video does not in fact show every single toy. I had to take that one down because of P.E.T.A online petitions. Man those things pack a punch! So just watch and be content you didnt just waste a shopping day.


Actual Text of Statement Given 2 Trooper D. Gurule #3311 Colorado State patrol

Sleeping. A minute or two at a time. Mark. This guy hit somebody. Awake. Coat on. front door out. A silver hatchback is parked blocking our driveway. Drivers Door
 opens. a man with dark hair gets out. Italian maybe. Takes three steps. Sees me. And at once without any acknowledgement beyond eyes meeting he is back in the car. And it's all you can do to stare at the rectangle of pressed aluminum. it's white characters on green. 638 UAR 638 UAR. And then his car is gone again but not before you glimpse the passenger side front quarter panel. If what's left of it. Man he did a real smack. And then Still in Costco house shoes You  listen to the scrape of his tires drive away and walk the outer line of the front fence along the line of cars parked in front of your house and up the front door of your rather dory sort of spry 84 year old neighbor. As you reach her front door. You see it is open and  only the glass screen door is shut. Think about rapping but reach for the doorbell instead. And there she is. Hi you say. A guy hit one of your cars out front. Four cars parked out from two silver two redfish.   We'll find in she says. You apologize for the house shoes a dad don't ax you step inside you realizd how close to Christmas it really is. He'd entire house. Solved abs red. Four wine. Sitting around The dining tilm table. Someone's car has been Hit 84 says. The  murmurs at the table soon turn into realization. And questions. Which car?  I don't know. He left. I just came here straightaway with the license plate. You realize you've been saying it aloud this whole time. 638 UAR. And now you and 5 bible studiers walk back outside.   It's the first car. A white silver one. Joy for not much damage but Enough to pray over.  


Thug Kills White Prosecutor and Wife in Texas


Art By Sommer M.

Daddy likes Subway! He's carrying a $5 footlong home for dinner.


Blah blah blah blah blah blah - art by M $

Art from Detroit 8th grader Makayla $.

Detroit Week Takes Off. Literally.

And with that, we are off to Detroit. Over the next two weeks I will be using this forum to celebrate Detroit. A city in my heart that I will share with all of you. For the first glimpse of the Motor City itself just head on over to CCGB? Studios.