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2014. Still A Week Left To Break Those Resolutions Before 2015

Did you have a good year? Was it a very good year? Are you sad to see 2015 so sudden on the horizon? Ehhhh. Either way you can't stop time from keeping the present just out of reach. The future seems further away the older I get; It is the past which becomes more of me each year I sputter through. 2014 was a great year for Juicebox Thoughts. Not necessarily in a fiduciary sense, but 2014 was abundantly renumerative. Socially, sextually and soberly. The highlights? Our 1 year anniversary, T. Martin joining the team, the fact that CCGB? Studios posted something online almost every day for a year straight?
. is the website address now, So in good faith we shall endeavor 2 return more than 2014's surplus to you, our neighbors in our community. Are there any bums reading this note out there? It's Dollar bills Im giving when you ask for change next year, no more pennies or black dimes. (Well maybe just the first half of the year). And this offer goes for the downtown cray cray ladies, who somehow seem old but I just know are younger than me. So I got the bums and the cray crays...
Who u got?

Merry Christmas!!!

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