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Too Lazy 2 Browse Target's Toy Aisles IRL? We Did It 4 You! Only 3 Days Left...

People- Christmas is here. Wait. Lets try that one again.
Christmas is Here! No? I guess For those of you who have finished shopping, Christmas might already be over. But I know there's a lot of us who have not even begun to shop yet. For us folks, Christmas is still in the hazy distant future of not today and probably not tomorrow either. I am here to help out my fellow time managementally challenged brethren by letting you know that Christmas is only four days away. So start shopping now.
     Ross dress for less stores might be open Christmas eve, but your mother might not want a fossil watch and a 16 month SI swimsuit calendar... At least mine didn't. You can start shopping now without even going to a store. Just watch this video. This video shows every single toy that is on sale at Target. Yep. You can Eye before you Buy!
     Nope. Sorry. This video does not in fact show every single toy. I had to take that one down because of P.E.T.A online petitions. Man those things pack a punch! So just watch and be content you didnt just waste a shopping day.

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