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Turns Out Too Many of Me is Not a Fine Foundation

Denver is fat, full of freaks.

Yep. Ever since January 1, 2014 Denver has changed. I can’t blame it entirely on the legalization of marijuana, but you must admit how loud a siren song legal weed is singing. A clarion call to all the kooks, cops, con artists and cool dads from Colfax Ave. to Costa Rica. I like freaks. I am a freak. I even fronted a funk band called freakboy #9 in the 90s. But I can’t be the only one to see an unfolding friction fixing to fricassee us all if an unforeseen fault-line finds fruition.
I walk all over our fair fiefdom. From Aurora to West Colfax, Park Meadows to Park Hill. As I flip fantasia far and wide-
Two questions form the left right of my feel woe express.                           
         1. Where did all these freaks come from?
  1. 2. You wanna buy some weed?
Is this a false fiction from a (40 year old) old fart? Maybe I need to fire up a fatty and fall back into a featherbed fixture and forget my freak out.
Folks, you’re gonna have to follow me further into the future as I figure it out. Because as yet the Ferris Wheel is not on fire and the freight trains all still function.
So far.
(To be cont.)
Denver, CO, United States
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