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Buster Is A Top Right? Right? But His Name Is Buster! Or... @DaveAndBusters is Going Public

     When was the last time you spent some of your time with Dave & Buster? Or some of YOUR money? How about the last time you willingly, and not for some corporate team building event, the last time you willingly went to spend either your Time or your Money at Dave & Buster's™? Really? Wait. Was that with someone younger than 16? That doesn't count. What's wrong with you? Don't you like to Eat, Drink, Play and Watch™? Why aren't you more awestruck you have Dave & Buster's™ nearby? Would it kill you to stop in for lunch just once of your own volition? Sans Coupon? What is a place so fantastically Fun Filled forced to do? 
     Well two years ago D & B's™ moved to manufacture a massive meshuggeneh modernization. A robust physical remodeling of each bar and restaurant. From the form and fashion of all the lighting fixtures to the fixed type font on the matchbooks and menus. New food! New attitude! Some Sizzle? 
Also the rigorous Rebranding. Nay a Rebranding and a Renaissance. A raucous rebuke of their Boring 'Big Box' birthright. Dave & Buster's™ revamp would reveal D&B's™ to be a bona fide nightspot! A de facto destination for city scenesters and social media sycophants. Tweet @DaveAndBusters with a #D&B Please! Sophisticated, Smooth and suave, and Sportsier! Sportsier? (The remods included adding a sports bar to some locations.) In my mind it all worked. Dave was now hip & Buster emoted edgy. Indeed, D&B's™ was suddenly the coolest, hippest, edgiest place in town... To play skeeball with your nieces on a Tuesday.        So What. So maybe if your corporate roots are Little Rock by way of Dallas you'll never be the hippest place in any real town. Their real problem isn't on their end. It's you. Remember?
Yeah. hey you, you too rational, utterly unable to experience real unironic fun. You fuddy duddy. Dave & Buster's has proposed a new scheme to get you to spend your money with them. And you don't even have to come in for lunch! Ok. I will let the Right Honorable Steve King take over from here. Please give him your utmost attention and I'll be back after he says his piece. 
From: "Dave & Buster's Rewards" <>
Date: September 29, 2014 at 3:47:58 PM MDT
To: <product626_98@yah
Subject: Dave & Buster's is Going Public. You're Invited.
Reply-To: "Dave & Buster's Rewards" <>

To Rewards Members,

Dave & Buster's is going public. Our mission is to be the best and most fun place in the world for you, your friends and your family to Eat, Drink, Play and Watch.

We realize that you - our Rewards Members - have played a major part in our past success, and now we would like to give you the opportunity to own a part of our future.

It is in this spirit that we are providing you access to our IPO stock at the same price, and at the same time, as Wall Street. At our request, the underwriters have reserved 2.5% of the common stock to be sold by Dave & Buster's in the IPO, to be offered through LOYAL3, at the initial public offering price.

The LOYAL3 Social IPO Platform™ is designed to democratize IPO participation, making it easy for large numbers of people to purchase shares in our IPO at the same price, and at the same time, as institutions and other large investors. There are limited shares available through the LOYAL3 Platform. LOYAL3 Platform participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individuals can elect to purchase shares in our IPO through LOYAL3 in amounts ranging from $100-$2,500, with no transaction fees. Should you choose to forward this email, you must do so without changes, in precisely this form (only by email, so hyperlink to the prospectus is active, and only to US residents).

For more information, or to view a preliminary prospectus and to enroll, click: Dave & Buster's IPO through the LOYAL3 Platform.

One of our core values has always been that "everybody is somebody," that each person matters. If it were not for you, our Rewards Members, we would not be the success we are today, and not a day goes by when we don't appreciate that.

Thank you,

Steve King
Dave & Buster's

Questions and want to speak to someone from LOYAL3?
Phone: 855-256-9253

Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc., (the "Company") has filed a registration statement (including a preliminary prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus in that registration statement and other documents the Company has filed with the SEC for more complete information about the Company and this offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC web site at Alternatively, a copy of the preliminary prospectus may be obtained by visiting or by requesting a copy from LOYAL3 Securities, Inc. by calling toll-free 1-855-256-9253 or emailing U.S. residents only.

LOYAL3 Securities, Inc., a US-registered broker-dealer, is acting as a co-manager in the Dave & Buster's IPO. 

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Dave & Buster's Rewards
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     Yes, now you too can own Dave. Or Buster. Now you can own more than just a D&B emblazoned plastic powercard used to play video games. Which technically you never really owned before. (Powercards are the sole possession of Dave & Buster's™ and must be surrendered at the request...) Now you can use that powercard to purchase credits! To play video games with... 
     Yeah I'm really not trying to slag Dave & Buster's™. I love Dave &... Ok ok I can't lie so laconically. But I wouldn't write an entire epistle just to influence a favorable fiduciary outcome for me and my financial flunkies. That wouldn't be fair would it? For me to talk down a company, in an attempt to ensure an artificially low opening price so I would benefit? Nope. Not fair. So believe me that I believe everything I wrote about Dave &/or Buster. AND I'm going to invest. How much? Much more than the minimum $100 yes but lots less than the maximum $2500. So buy! 
Buy Buy Birdie!!!,,!,,!,,!

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